Today, one single second of online content is more valuable than at any other point in history. A part of our lives, whether we like it or not, is played out on various media platforms, most notably; Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. The internet is the perfect opportunity for creative people to employ their passions, living out their God given identity and missional beliefs. To do this we need to be active, relevant and professional in our creation of content. The time is now to take action in mastering our communication skills and media presence.

This seminar is postponed due to a covid situation.

School Details

1.9 billion people are active on YouTube every month. Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories everyday. TicTok now hosts over 1.5 billion users.

As creators and communicators we need to be where the people are.


Our heart is to inspire, train and equip creative people to pursue a God-given passion to impact others through media. This seminar is for those seeking to learn from creative professionals, sharpening their ability to produce dynamic content which effectively impacts our current media climate.

Seminar Includes

This seminar will be packed full of teaching and practical workshops from creative professionals in their areas of expertise. We will cultivate an innovative atmosphere. There you will be inspired to take action to be your unique voice in the world of continuous noise. Apart from formal lectures, we will have time to fellowship and soundboard creative ideas off one another in an energetic and dynamic environment. This seminar is a U of N accredited course.

Topics to be covered:
• We are created to create and communicate
• Content strategy
• Quality content
• Social Media Presence
• Beauty of Facebook and Instagram
• Workshops on photography and  film making
• Apps and tools in 2020.
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Seminar quest speakers

Joseph Avakian

@jozavak (Instagram)

male, twin, son, brother, armenian, lebanese, cyrpiot, german, husband, father, friend, artist, creator, thinker, educator, mentor, traveler, tester, missionary, ywamer, life, seeker, questions, answers, design, photography, art, illustrations, culture, techie, running, biking, hiking, camping, basketball, music, food, all continents, warm weather, beach, travel, films, theater, dance, out of the box, identity, the image of god or universe, dreamer, destined, purposed, saved, embraced, generous, passionate, cosmopolite, strategy, includer, woo, arranger, maximizer, communication, belief, inspire, impact, change, love, faith, hope … still growing & learning

Soyoon Jun

Soyoon, before joining YWAM, worked for Facebook, Inc. as a Client Solutions Manager. She worked closely with numerous big e-commerce companies and tech startups to consult them on complex digital marketing strategies. Her expertise lies in both data analysis and marketing as through the close analysis of the data, she finds the most optimized and effective marketing solutions. Soyoon, as a passionate entrepreneur, has numerous experiences herself in utilizing Facebook and Instagram to launch and market new products and services with limited marketing budgets. She is currently in charge of digital marketing for YWAM Lausanne. Soyoon was a speaker on Facebook marketing summit held in 2017 on a topic of finding the most valuable customers with the Facebook family.

Samuel Taipale

@eljackson (Instagram)

Samuel is an accomplished explorer, creative and freelance photographer from Finland who currently resides in Norway with his wife and son. Raised up in the land of a thousand lakes, he fell in love with the outdoors at early age and picked up a camera along the way to document the world around him. With a passion for adventuring wild & off beat destinations, Samuel’s imagery can be characterised by his desire to travel, photograph & be outdoors.

Inspired by his parent’s travels, he has also been fortunate to spend a good amount of time on projects around the world while collaborating with amazing people and commercial clients such as Canon, KLM, WWD, Hilton Hotels, Warner Music, Toyota, Europcar and Vodafone to name a few. His photography has been featured in prestigious publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, National Geographic Traveler, Elite Daily, METRO, Daily Telegraph, Buzzfeed and Bored Panda. He is a hunter of glorious, unique moments that he can capture on camera and being able to bring the viewer along for the experience.

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