Community Development School

Learning principles to transform communities.

Want to see the communities of this world transformed into the original design God intended? The Community Development School (CDS) takes you deeper into the heart of God and the way He intends for people to live in communities.

Training Overview

Christians have a vital role in facilitating sustainable development. We have a role in seeing communities changed through the restoration of broken relationships between people, between “man” and God, and between “man” and creation. Through our connections, we can demonstrate an integral approach that addresses all areas of life: physical, social, and spiritual. The key is people—transformed hearts, minds, and lives—resulting in transformed communities, societies, and nations.

The Community Development School provides an overview of the issues involved in walking with communities to be transformed toward God’s intentions. CDS focuses on a Biblical understanding of the root causes of poverty, underdevelopment, and the strategies needed to enable people to overcome the hurdles to their community’s transformation.

School Details

6 April 2022 - 23 August 2022


Lecture: 3,990 CHF (Covers tuition, housing, and meals)
Outreach: 2500 - 4500 CHF (Covers airfare, housing, and meals)


Offered In: English


Successfully completed DTS

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Community Development School (CDS)

6 April 2022 - 23 August 2022

Want to see the communities of this world transformed into the original design that God has intended? The Community Development School takes you deeper into the heart of God and the way He intended for communities to live. Come join us!

Prerequisites: Successfully completed DTS

Languages: English
UofN Credits: 12
Lecture Cost: 3,990 CHF
(Covers tuition, housing, and meals)
Outreach Cost: 2500 - 4500 CHF
(Covers airfare, housing, and meals)

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.”

Luke 2:52

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The Purpose of CDS is…

To equip participants to follow Jesus as their model and leader. To be able to:

  • Apply and integrate biblical worldview, starting personally, and then into various spheres of society with the goal of moving people/communities/nations toward God’s intentions.
  • Facilitate holistic growth towards God’s intentions in targeted communities and nations, resulting in a fuller expression of the kingdom of God.
  • Be effective multipliers of community development from a Biblical Christian perspective that leads to transformation.

Lecture Phase

Discuss. Be equipped. Go.

During the lecture phase of the Community Development School, experienced practitioners will share biblical truths, principles, methods, insights, and models of community development which are essential for the transformation of communities. The blend of teachers, staff and students from diverse backgrounds provide a rich environment, allowing for the cross-pollination of ideas. As well as dynamic and lasting relationships.

Transformation Starts with You

How can we expect to transform and disciple nations if we do not take personal steps of transformation and discipleship? Confirming YWAM’s value of doing first then teaching, CDS specializes in taking practical steps to living out a biblical worldview.

We will navigate topics that touch on all spheres of society and focus on reconciling them back to God (Colossians 1:15-19). You will have opportunities to take those steps personally so that you will have the experience and foundation to help you serve the various communities of the world.

Seed Project

“You can count the seeds in a mango, but you cannot count how many mangoes are in a seed” – Kenyan Proverb.

Be faithful with the little, even just a little seed. Do not despise small beginnings. you do to make change. Often the most impactful community transformation happens with the small, daily things we do. From the seeds you plant, you and others can reap year after year.

During the school, along with your classmates, you will have an opportunity to prayerfully plant seeds in the community through acts of service. Learn how to give legs to a dream through tried and true guidelines and feedback from your staff. In doing this, you can have a significant impact in a sphere of influence that God places on your heart.

Course Content

During this course, you will study…

  • Biblical Basis for Relief and Development
  • Christian Worldview and Integration
  • Principles of Relationships and Reconciliation
  • Development Principles
  • Role of the Local Church in Development
  • Community Assessment and Planning
  • Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Global Issues Affecting Development
  • Church Planting and Multiplication

Beyond the Lectures

We believe in formal and informal learning. Stretch your understanding in the classroom. Live what you learn in the YWAM Lausanne community and beyond.

Live Learn

Live Learn

We learn as we share our daily lives, work, play, and celebration. These are just as important as the things we learn in our classrooms.



Our purpose in YWAM is to know God and make Him known. There are many opportunities to participate in ministry to the local community during the school.



Want to know a not-so-secret secret? Switzerland is beautiful and super close to epic cities and nations. Grab some friends and train through Europe, Easyjet to Greece for an ice cream, ski on the Alps, tour a chocolate factory, explore a forest, visit a museum, or taste a delicious cheese fondue.



Be ready to show off your best beatbox or shred the air guitar with your friends for cafe night. Enjoy special games and meals for Swiss night and seasonal festivities such as Lunar New Year or Thanksgiving. As a community, we have the joy of gathering for times of worship, teaching and celebration.



Learn to love the nations. It starts by loving your roommates. Begin by sharing your favorite snack from home and learning the languages of friends from different nations. We are a beautifully diverse community from different cultures, churches, and generations seeking after Christ.

Outreach Phase

Seek the prosperity of the land…

The 8- to 12-week field assignment is an integral part of the Community Development School. Building on what you learned during the lecture phase, you will have the opportunity to serve in a cross-cultural community. You will observe community development in action. The issues discussed in the curriculum will come to life as you engage with different communities in their situations. Outreach phase will be from 27 June 2019 – 22 August 2019.



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