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Built Up

There was an immeasurable amount of objects carefully arranged, a plethora of chandeliers, wood furniture, glass shimmering on light fixtures, brass, mirrors and metal creating an overwhelming [...]

SBS: Study, Do, and Teach

The School of Biblical Studies is: “Something every Christian should do!” – JiYe, South Korea “In one word: phenomenal.” – Tyler, Canada “A wish come true!” – Suree, South Korea Throughout the [...]

The Nations in Europe

The nations are moving to Europe. Recently, a staff was sharing with a Kurdish refugee on the streets of Lausanne. The language was limited so he pulled out his iPhone and showed the man some [...]

Fears In Missions

Finances. Uncertainty. Fear of man. These are just a few of the fears that people have when going into missions. Now, ‘missions’ is a big word that has a very broad range of definitions, [...]

From Story to History

Karis is currently doing her BCC with YWAM Lausanne. The Bible Core Course On Location is a unique secondary school that allows you to travel to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, all [...]

DTS: Take a Gap Year!

Something transformational occurs when we spend five months to seek God and practice obedience to Him in community. During this time, He can develop intimate friendship with you. Is a gap year for you?

SBS Wilderness

Join the School of Biblical Studies as they leave the classroom and join the Israelites out of Egypt and into the wilderness! The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a nine-month, inductive [...]