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A big part of my journey has been to be stretched and often getting a friendly tug out of my comfort zone. To almost everyone, this sounds awful. But, GUYS! It’s SO GOOD! Not only do you get to [...]

Built Up

There was an immeasurable amount of objects carefully arranged, a plethora of chandeliers, wood furniture, glass shimmering on light fixtures, brass, mirrors and metal creating an overwhelming [...]

SBS: Study, Do, and Teach

The School of Biblical Studies is: “Something every Christian should do!” – JiYe, South Korea “In one word: phenomenal.” – Tyler, Canada “A wish come true!” – Suree, South Korea Throughout the [...]

The Nations in Europe

The nations are moving to Europe. Recently, a staff was sharing with a Kurdish refugee on the streets of Lausanne. The language was limited so he pulled out his iPhone and showed the man some [...]

Fears In Missions

Finances. Uncertainty. Fear of man. These are just a few of the fears that people have when going into missions. Now, ‘missions’ is a big word that has a very broad range of definitions, [...]

From Story to History

Karis is currently doing her BCC with YWAM Lausanne. The Bible Core Course On Location is a unique secondary school that allows you to travel to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, all [...]