Bible Teacher School

Equip, teach, serve.

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    2 Sep. - 20 Sep. 2024

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    900 CHF

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All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16- 17

What BTS is all about

What is BTS?

Calling on all future Bible teachers.

Do you want to be raised up as a DBS Teacher? Has God called you to teach His Word but are not sure how to get started? Do you have a love for God’s Word and a desire to share it with others?
The DBS world is a growing network of Bible schools training students around the world to know and share God’s story. But as the school multiplies, there is also a growing need for more teachers. The Bible Teacher School (BTS) aims to raise up more Bible teachers!

It is a three-year long program that consists of three separate three-week seminars, each covering four weeks of the DBS to complete all 12 weeks in our DBS curriculum. The hope is that it can be incorporated into your existing schedule. It doesn’t matter whether you are presently involved in a DBS or in some other capacity in YWAM or are a Church worker or have a regular job.

A unique feature is that as YWAM Lausanne we are offering the BTS 1 Seminar Bilingual in Korean and English. Our hope is to raise up more Korean Bible teachers as well.

During your time in BTS you will have the opportunity to take part and see the beauty of Switzerland. We will have 2 outings during this time to understand the history and the nation of Switzerland better where we will go to Geneva for the reformation tour and hear about how the reformation influenced Switzerland and Christianity today. And you will have an incredible opportunity to experience the Swiss alps and go on a mountain tour. Rumor has it that it's famous for its chocolate, the toblerone.


Structure of BTS

  • Seminar BTS 1: “From Adam to David”
  • Seminar BTS 2: “Kings and Prophets”
  • Seminar BTS 3: “New Testament”

In each of these seminars the first week will focus on teaching principles and honing your skills as a communicator. 

Then the second and third week will be full of important content covering the background, genres, and how to study the Bible books specific to that seminar. 

During the year in between courses, our goal is to have a mentor assigned to you to help you prepare teachings and who together with school leaders help you find opportunities to teach and who will debrief you after each teaching so you can continue to grow in your skills. The goal is to have you teach at least one whole week during the year in the DBS.

Course Content

Seminar 1: “From Adam to David”


The BTS answers that call and the How to Teach – week will provide the skills necessary to empower and equip upcoming teachers to not only teach in context but with a methodology to prepare and present the Scriptures confidently and full of the Spirit!

Key Topics:

  • Study the Bible
  • Focus on the Message
  • Structure the Lesson
  • Teach the Class
  • Evaluate the results

The Big Ideas


➤ God as Creator, Father and King (metaphors of fatherhood, suzerainty)

➤ Humans as prodigal children (the fall, the flood, Babel, rebellion)

➤ Chosen for service by grace (the election of Israel)

➤ Concept of covenant (Abraham, Moses, David, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel)

➤ Role of faith (even though they were under law, the people of Israel still were called to a relationship of faith)

➤ Adam (the prototype failed human)

➤ Abraham (the paradigm for faith and faithfulness)

➤ Joseph (the model for forgiveness)

➤ Moses (the first pastor and lawgiver)

➤ Joshua (the faithful successor)

➤ Samuel (the model for faithful prophethood)

➤ David (the great king)


Key Characters


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