From Story to History

Karis is currently doing her BCC with YWAM Lausanne. The Bible Core Course On Location is a unique secondary school that allows you to travel to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, all while learning to read and study God’s Word in the lands in which it was written. They arrived at their first location, and this is what Karis had to say about it:

“Right now I am sitting in the middle of Cairo, Egypt writing this post and listening to the busy city traffic in this city that never sleeps. Our time here has been incredible! We have been studying the book of Exodus and it has been so cool to be in the land where part of this book was based on. We took a boat ride on the Nile River, visited the Egyptian Museum, went to see the Giza Pyramids, The Great Sphinx, and the Cave Church here in Cairo. After reading through Exodus and studying the history of what was going on during that time it was so cool to go to see the different places where the different events took place. It really allows you to look at the life of the people in the Bible in a different light. It changes it from a story to history.

As I sat on a boat in the Nile River I was thinking about how massive this river is and how it must have felt for that mother to place her baby boy in a basket to float down this river. Before, I always thought about it being a small safe river, and of course, Moses was always going to live. Being here and seeing the Nile, I realized that Moses’ mother probably placed that baby in this river knowing that her baby would probably not survive. Watching her baby float down the river in a basket was her last hope; Doing this was much easier to bare and she would rather do this than see her baby die at the hands of the Egyptian soldiers. It could have been so easy for that basket to turn over, for a crocodile or some other creature to get a hold of that basket. This helpless basket floating down the river, it astounds me to think that God protected this little baby boy and led him into the arms of soon to be, one of the greatest powers in Egypt. Moses came out of very small beginnings and he ended up doing HUGE things for God. God knows where you come from, where you have been, where you are, and where you are going – HE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE… and that’s only one small revelation out of the first two chapters of Exodus, you can only imagine how many more there are to talk about!”

Karis (Florida, USA), is currently on location with BCC.

Another BCC On Location is running this August, starting here at YWAM Lausanne! Check out more information here:
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