Introduction to Barista for Missions Seminar

Seminar Overview

cafe des alps

Coffee is a well known and widespread food crop grown and used throughout the world. There are as many preferences and opinions about coffee as there are individuals and cultures who drink it. Students will come alongside other coffee lovers to enjoy learning the broad strokes of worldwide, cultural coffee expressions.

Additionally, students will learn to be organized and intentionally function so that customers will want to return. Reading materials, online forums, and hands on experience will allow students to develop greater ideas for how to expand God’s kingdom in this unique ministry.

About This Seminar

IBM is designed to prepare an individual with the skills necessary to operate as a barista. A particular focus will be given to the overarching values from “farm to cup” economics, coffee service and preparation techniques.

Attention will also be given to the interface of the role of a barista and their service in leadership and with the spheres of society such as Economics (business), Justice (fair trade), Celebration (hospitality).


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