Aug. 2023 Update

Aug. 2023 Update

Aug. 2023 Update

August 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 8


Multi-generational Pioneering

A powerful aspect of God’s ways is that He works multi-generationally. His instructions to Moses were intended to hardwire Israel toward covenant and vocational faithfulness through each generation. The Biblical narrative consistently recounts one generation’s pioneering obedience developed or deteriorated by the next. Abraham to Isaac, David to Saul, Paul to Timothy.  


YWAM Lausanne’s fifty-four-year story is the same! In 1969 Loren and Darlene Cunnigham faithfully pioneered our base to see waves of young people sent to the nations. They could envision and dream with God what this ministry would one day become! In the early nineties, YWAM Lausanne’s vision burned out and the base was closed. Loren and Darlene along with a team of global leaders, including Markus and Anita Steffen, a blend of generations, returned and painstakingly re-pioneered the ministry. In 2021 YWAM Lausanne entered its third phase of pioneering including a new generation of missionaries! We’ve expanded YWAM Lausanne and doubled the number of rooms. We’ve created multiple new classrooms and creative spaces.

With each passing quarter, we are pioneering new courses to utilize this space and equip many more youth for global missions. Now in 2023, we feel a comparable stretch in our faith, as did the pioneers in 1969 and the re-pioneers in 1994. We have a similar desperation to see God breakthrough in our finances, students, projects, and outreaches.  

Just as Moses proved God great at the Red Sea, and Joshua again at the Jordan River, we are picking up God’s vision for YWAM Lausanne and proving him great again in this new pioneering phase!  

Jordan Weatherson, Base Leaders Team 


North Africa Ministries

Many of you who have been on outreach in a developing nation can picture the scene: A dusty narrow street, busy family shops, bustling with activity late into the night, the incessant beeping of horns… The deliberating effects of poverty seem to be everywhere to an external observer.
The Scriptures say a great deal about helping the poor and needy, but the reality of serving an impoverished community has no limits to the obstacles. How can one translate Biblical truth into any context to see it transformed? This is a sobering question.


Our teams serving in North Africa have been the context where God has been teaching us how to translate our Biblical studies into one challenging arena of real-world application. For the past thirteen years, we have continuously invested in the same two impoverished neighborhoods. Through teaching on Biblical Worldview and vocational skill development, our aim has been to provide traction to overcome the layers of poverty facing refugees in North Africa. Currently, our team is in the middle of one of these month-long workshops with roughly ninety participants. With the uptick in violence in Sudan many newcomers have arrived in the community where we work. This has created a variety of new and immediate outreach opportunities.

As YWAM Lausanne, we invite you to pray for our team to be effective teachers and servers, and for the participants to have their lives impacted by God’s word, and to see themselves as their community's most valuable resource.

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we talk about the world of missions through the lens of sustainability. We sit down with Graham Vermooten, who is deeply involved in this topic in the African continent and has seen the fruit of thinking outside the box. Join us for an inspiring conversation that will spark your creativity in missions!


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Invitation to Partner

Our ministry's foundation and ongoing journey are rooted in complete reliance upon God. Our mission stems directly from the heart of God, bringing about transformative changes in the lives of young individuals. We equip them to be ambassadors sent to nations, fulfilling the great commission.

The full body of Christ and the generosity of many have consistently been key in fostering the fruitfulness and success of YWAM's journey with God. We extend a heartfelt invitation to you, asking you to contemplate partnering with us and our ministry. Just as God's blessings have enriched each of us, let us in turn bless one another. Thank you for considering to be a part of what God wants to do through YWAM Lausanne. To make a donation click here.