April Discipleship Training School

Welcome to a DTS that intentionally seeks out God’s heart for all nations. You are invited to bring your culture and lovingly celebrate the traditions of those with you.

Is God calling you to leave the comfort of where you have been physically and spiritually? Does your heart burn to connect with other nations and see God move globally?

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    7 Apr. - 24 Aug. 2025

  • Lecture Cost

    3990 CHF

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    English | Korean

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"For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another."
Romans 12:4-5

Purpose of DTS

Unity in Diversity

This school is structured to sharpen your ability to relate to different customs and understand what it means to live in Kingdom culture while you learn more about your gifts, calling, and the ministry of Jesus together.

Why do a DTS?

  • Be challenged to think and experience the freedom to freely explore questions.
  • See God’s heart for intercultural community and use this heart to appreciate and effectively bless the nations.
  • Address difficult topics like stereotypes and points of division in a safe place.
  • See each other as incredible individuals uniquely reflecting the image of God.

I. Lecture Phase

What is the Lecture Phase?

True discipleship transforms your heart, intellect, and skills.

Seek God with all your heart for 11 weeks of lectures given by leaders in the Christian community who live out what they teach.

You will have opportunities to grow through formal teaching like lectures and informal teaching like international community living.

At our campus, you will be in community with peers who are seeking God and going deeper. Together, you will learn how to ignite a passion for Jesus that outpours into different application opportunities both locally in Lausanne and internationally through outreach.

Let this community challenge and guide you into a fulfilling intercultural lifestyle marked by biblical teachings.

  • Original Design
  • Nature and Character of God
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Lordship of Christ

II. Outreach Phase



You have spent 11 weeks learning about the love of God and your identity in the Kingdom, now you are called to GO! Outreach is a time where you solidify the teachings you’ve learned and move that knowledge from the head to the heart.

You will live out application daily with a team, where you will be presented with discipleship opportunities like:

  • Preaching – Lead a church service and uncover a passion for teaching God’s word to the nations
  • Evangelism – Go out into the streets and bring the heart of the Father to others in a personal way
  • Ministry – Partner with local ministries to serve and give back to the community
  • Intercession – Take time to hear God’s heart for your nation and stand in the gap

Your leaders prayerfully consider the outreach locations for each team, and the final decision is not made until all the students have arrived in Switzerland and the giftings and passions of each student have been taken into account.

Depending on where you’re located, you’ll take part in specific ministries. Some examples are:

  • Working with street kids
  • Volunteering with orphanages
  • Prison ministry
  • Community development projects
  • Mercy ministry
  • Refugee house visits
  • Rehabilitation ministry
  • And many many more

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Apply Today

Don’t let your dreams of growing deeper in your faith amongst an international community continue to just be dreams. God is calling YOU, will you take this step of faith? Are you willing to give Him your everything for the next 5 months? Then apply today and our team will walk with you every step of the way towards a diverse and fulfilling life with the Lord.