April DTS

Bringing the nations together

Training Overview

A DTS that welcomes all nations to embrace all nations. Learn how to appreciate God’s unique fingerprint in different cultures and embrace Kingdom Culture through it all.

Course Details

6 April 2022 - 23 August 2022


Lecture: 3990 CHF (Covers tuition, housing, and meals)
Outreach: 2500 - 4500 CHF (Covers airfare, housing, food and travel in country)


Offered In: English Korean

More About April Dts

Seek after God… with everything.


Welcome to a DTS that intentionally seeks out God’s heart for all nations. You are invited to bring your culture and celebrate the cultures of those with you. This school is structured to sharpen your ability to relate to different cultures and understand what it means to live in Kingdom culture. To live harmoniously, we learn to grow in diversity and in unity. We work together to create a safe place where we can address difficult topics like stereotypes and points of division. By cultivating respect and trust through relationship, we can see each other as incredible individuals uniquely reflecting the image of God. In this school, you will be challenged to think and experience the freedom to freely ask and explore questions. Through this, we can see God’s heart for intercultural community and take this heart to appreciate and effectively bless the nations.

Spring in Switzerland

Behold, the winter has passed, and the Spring time has come. Welcome in the flowers and wave farewell to blankets of white snow. Grab your hiking shoes and explore the expansive forest next to our campus. Rally your friends and take trips to the city or train through the breathtaking sights of this and surrounding nations. What better way to see God’s goodness than in the thriving beauty of Switzerland?

Local Ministires

Share a Swiss chocolate as you share God’s love with a woman living on the streets. Take a ten minute walk to play Jenga with friends at the local refugee shelter. There are many opportunities to serve the people in Lausanne. As a school, you will have scheduled opportunities to bless the city. Additionally, as you live here, you can prayerfully find open doors as you explore with friends in your free time.

Assignments & Projects

So you want to go deeper in your faith and calling? We have prayerfully chosen supplemental reading, assignments, and projects to expand the understanding and application of what you are learning. Creatively record and process what God is speaking to you through weekly journals. Lessons will root deeper by sharing what you learn through inspiring book and outreach reports and public presentations.

New Korea

The New Korea seminar takes place at YWAM Lausanne during the April DTS. This seminar focuses on how God is moving and working in Korea and how people can pray for this nation. April DTS students often have the opportunity to participate in the New Korea seminar.

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Course Content

Each week you will hear from world class speakers on the following topics:

Nature and Character of God

Nature and Character of God

Who is God, really? What if He is infinitely bigger than we have made Him to be? These are beautifully vast questions that we can explore for the rest of our lives. Come alongside other classmates, staff, and speakers who are passionate about discovering and loving God deeply and truly. Dig into scripture, read the wisdom of sages, worship, and engage. Bring your heart, your curiosity, your confusion, and your hunger and gain tools to make a lifestyle of getting to know and live with our indescribably wonderful God.

Power of the Word

Power of the Word

In order to hear how God speaks through logos, you have to actually know how to read His Word. Our goal is to help you learn how to read the scriptures in a new way that not only challenges you but also refreshes and transforms you. Let’s get beyond studying or reading just for the sake of studying or reading. This ancient text contains the timeless love letter of The Maker of the Universe and holds life applicable treasures for those who seek them.

Developing Christ-Like Behavior

Developing Christ-Like Behavior

There is nothing more powerful than living a life that reflects Christ. We will encourage you and help you develop a devotional life where you can discover Christ and how to better be His disciple. This is a lifelong journey that can take many shapes during your walk, but there are some key, foundational principles that can help you get started or improve your personal devotional life.

Healthy Relationships

How to Make and Keep Healthy Relationships

We love relationships here at YWAM Lausanne. We want you to learn how to build solid friendships that are based on the firm foundation of God’s Word. There is nothing stronger than a world-wide community of friends knitted together with the truth of God’s love.

Evangelism and Missions

Evangelism and Missions

A light is not meant to be hidden. God wants a personal relationship with you and every one of His created children. Imagine if no one dared to tell you about Jesus. Don’t miss the opportunity to lead someone one step closer to knowing Christ. We’ll teach you how to make this a practical lifestyle both locally and internationally.

Biblical Worldview and Cross-Cultural Ministry

Biblical Worldview and Cross-Cultural Ministry

How can we speak truth to the world if we don’t understand truth nor have a broad, cross-cultural understanding of worldview? In order to empower all nations to submit under God’s original design for them, we must be aware of and respect all cultures that God created. On DTS, you can grapple with these concepts over lecture phase. Then, you can immediately apply them in the diverse cultures that are here in Lausanne as well as on your international outreach phase.

Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life

Discovering God’s Purpose for Your Life

Your life does have purpose; You are not here on accident. As you come to your DTS, we are not going to tell you what you should do with your life. No one can do that for you. Instead, we will help you discover your own unique, God-given gifts. While discovering your strengths, networking with others, and hearing God’s voice, we want to empower you to step into the fullness of what God has for you in your day to day callings and your future calling.

Spiritual Warfare and Intercession

Spiritual Warfare and Intercession

We are called to pray without ceasing. Here at YWAM Lausanne, we regularly practice hearing what’s on God’s heart and standing in the gap for nations, communities, crises, people groups, and more.

Purpose of God's Redemption

Purpose of God’s Redemption

God has a powerful plan for not just your life, but the lives of your friends, family, and the nations. God’s redemption story has already been set in motion through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. We want you to deeply understand the full meaning of this story so that you can live this plan in your life and to bring it to your communities and to the nations.

Hearing God's Voice

Hearing God’s Voice

The Bible displays how God is speaks through spoken (rhema) word and the written (logos) word. God is speaking, what is hindering you from listening? We desire for you to hear God and be able to follow all that He speaks through the Word, prayer and more. As you learn to know the voice of your Shepherd, you will be able to grow closer in intimacy with Him.

Outreach Phase

You’ve learned how to share God’s love, now experience the joy of serving others through evangelism, acts of compassion, building projects, church ministries, youth ministries and more. Through outreach, you will minister to the nations and be further equipped for a lifestyle of missions.


Additional Information

How do I finance my school?

Here at YWAM, we trust God’s provision for our financial needs. There are plenty of ways to trust God with your financial needs. God provides through work savings, the support of family, friends, and church, or other miraculous networks. This is a practical way for others to be a part of God’s work.

Take time to prayerfully consider how to fulfill your part of the financial responsibility. You can prayerfully consider and articulate your vision—inviting others to share in the blessing by participating financially and spiritually. Plan a fundraising party or invite people one on one to support you with one-time or monthly donations. Lecture fees are due on the first full day of your lecture phase. If you have questions about fundraising, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

What are some fun things to do at the base?

Check out our campus life page for info about what’s happening at YWAM Lausanne. There’s always something to do, whether you enjoy hiking, hanging out with new friends, or joining one of the events put on by our community life group.

How do I get from the Geneva airport to the base in Lausanne?

On the arrival day for your school, we will meet you at the Lausanne train station. Watch this video to learn how to take the train from the Geneva airport to Lausanne. We’ll see you soon!

Further Training

Consider doing more training after your DTS. These schools start within 3 months of the finish of this DTS.

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