APR 2024 Update

APR 2024 Update

April 15th, 2024 | Vol. 5 No. 4


Apostolic Missional Learning Community


Dear Friends,

We were thrilled last week to welcome 88 students from 13 nations to YWAM Lausanne. They've arrived to engage in four UofN courses we are offering. Each YWAM training location is an apostolic missional learning community. As an apostolic community, we are led by the word of the Lord. We are missional to our core. We aim to spread the Gospel to the nations. We partake in this through a learning mode most referred to as discipleship. The context for all three of these concepts is a community, we live out all three as a community.

In anticipation of the new quarter, we dedicated time to delve into the concept of "learning," or as it is often termed, discipleship. Despite its familiarity, we mustn't lose sight of its profound meaning. Fundamentally, a disciple is an apprentice of Jesus, undergoing training to emulate His life in our world. While at times we may expect this to just happen to us, true apprenticeship calls for deliberate intentionality. As disciples of Jesus, we're committing to organizing our lives around apprenticing under Him. This intentionality begins at the individual level and ripples throughout our whole community at YWAM Lausanne. Our aspiration is that upon arriving in our midst, students encounter tangible examples of practices and life rhythms that can form them into a person of love in Christ. We aim to follow the model of Jesus who invited his disciples to come and see, and then sent them out to go, do, and tell!

At YWAM Lausanne we long to develop that quiet inner life that is shaped through walking with Jesus to become like him and participate in the expansion of his kingdom. It's a privilege to journey alongside the hundreds of students who pass through our apostolic missional learning community each year. We're profoundly grateful for your prayers and encouragement, which significantly contribute to the effectiveness of our ministry.

Markus, Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode we sit down with Melody and Janik. They are missionaries here in YWAM Lausanne, leading in different ministries. We will talk about their experiences in evangelism, how to share the good news and we will hear some of their stories. Join us for 30 and dive deep into what it means practically to preach the Gospel.


Kingdom Come


Our most recent evangelism outreach in the city led to many fruitful conversations, even one soul coming to Christ! This event, “Kingdom Come”, is hosted every three months in Ouchy, one of the busiest and most beautiful areas in our city. Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, we shared God’s love through reading of scripture, personal testimonies, songs and dance, and of course a time of worship. This sets a beautiful background and entry point for those coming to watch, where they are invited to join us for dinner (burrito bowls!) and free ice cream.

There is something so beautiful about sharing God’s love when His creation is singing. I was touched to be able to be a part of many of these conversations and see strangers open up to the possibility that God loves them. I overheard one particular individual, a middle aged man who moved to Switzerland from the middle east, at the end of the night talking with a friend of mine, asking questions about who God really is. Twenty minutes later my friend came over to tell me that he had given his life to the Lord! In the end we distributed over 25 bibles in various languages (in French, German, Romanian, Albanian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Serbian, and more..) we saw one healing and one salvation. Praise the Lord! We rejoice with this man and the many others who were encouraged to point their hearts toward God during this outreach. 


Upcoming Courses

Forging the Future


Thank You

Welcoming students into our apostolic missional learning community is a great joy for all of us. We work hard and depend on God’s leading to see each student deeply impacted and formed during their time with us. Last year we aimed to increase the number of scholarships we can offer to students who are committed to global missions. We would love to invite you to make a contribution to the fund by clicking here, and help empower us to open the door to global missions for many more students.

Thank you!