Apr. 2023 Update

Apr. 2023 Update

Apr. 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 4


Korean-English DTS Returns


This quarter, we are excited to welcome 43 students for our Korean–English DTS! This is the largest April DTS school that we’ve been able to run for the past few years! It is such a joy to be able to engage with students from so many different nations. Since our April DTS is bilingual—run in both English and Korean—a large number of our students are from Korea. For the Korean students, coming to Switzerland is an excellent way to gain both cross cultural and international experience. The value of experiencing a range of cultures outside one’s own is immense and expands our understanding of life, faith, and the world. It is also a great chance for them to improve their English speaking skills as they make new connections. Additionally, there is a blessing of having their culture and language brought into our community. We see this so clearly in times of local outreach, worship, and intercession, as the Koreans bring their own unique flare and flavor. It is truely a blessing all around to have them here and we look forward to investing deeply in them over the coming months.


Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Sandra Mai to discuss worship. We talk about her personal experience as a worship leader, spiritual growth through worship, songwriting processes and so much more. Come join us as we explore the wonderful world of worship and how it can transform our spiritual life!


Lebanon Team Sees 100 Salvations


It’s been two weeks since one of our teams arrived in Zahlé, Lebanon. And they already have so many testimonies on how God has been moving during ministries time. They have been serving in a church filled with new believers and have the beautiful task of encouraging them through testimonies, prayers, messages, worship, etc. The team is also involved in ministry with 3 different schools of Syrian refugees and have been able to share the Gospel with more than 100 people! They will move on to Beirut to carry on with their ministry time in Lebanon. We appreciate your prayers for the continued fruitfulness of this amazing outreach.


Testimony from Lebanon Outreach Team

In the past few weeks during our time in Zahlé, Lebanon God has been teaching me a lot about the joy which comes from walking with Him. The majority of the ministry we’ve done has been with Syrian refugee schools. Last Wednesday as we were preparing to leave for the morning I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the thought of going to the school. When we arrived at the school and walked into the classroom, we were greeted by about forty 7 year old kids who were all delighted to see us, waving and wearing huge smiles on their faces. These are children who have fled their country and now live in tents near the school. We spent that morning telling them stories, singing and dancing with them. I was inspired by the joy these children have despite their circumstances. God reminded me of the sweetness and abundance which comes from doing life with Him. Even in brokenness and hardship, life with Jesus is joyful and full of laughter.

Judah Leeson

- Judah Leeson, USA
DTS Student Lebanon Team


Increase in Community Worship

Increase in community Worship

Lately, we’ve been experiencing an increase in worship around the base. Since the start of the year, we have set aside more times throughout the week for “prayer rooms”—spaces to gather in prayer and worship as a community. Through these times of worship, we have seen more spontaneous worship gatherings happen as students gather to seek the presence of God together. Our community meetings have also been impacted as we continue to linger in His presence and pray for one another after the end of the meetings. We are thankful and excited for this increase in worship, especially as we recently released an album from last year’s SOW (School of Worship) students and now anticipate running SOW again next quarter. As a community we’ve been reflecting on how we are all called to be worshippers—and if it’s possible to ever fully learn how to worship. It’s a continual process of growth and pressing into the presence of God through prayer, worship, and spending time with Him.


Invitation to Partner with Us

God has continued to give us a clear vision of training and equipping young people for missions. Hundreds of students are welcomed onto our campus each year and we're looking to help widen our doors to accept even more. To do this, we want to offer partial scholarships throughout 2023. These scholarships will help pave the way for many more young people to be trained that otherwise would not have had such an opportunity. Would you consider sponsoring one of these future missionaries? As God has blessed each one of us, so shall we bless one another. Thank you for being a part of what God wants to do through YWAM Lausanne. To donate to the scholarship fund click here.