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Approval Process Starts

The leadership and school leaders are prayerfully processing your application.


Please fill in your personal details and pay the deposit to confirm your acceptance.


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What to Prepare

Book the Flight!

Please pay your deposit before booking your flight to join us in Lausanne. The closest international airport is Geneva, and a helpful website may be skyscanner, kayak, google flights, and expedia.


General Packing List

Packing for a YWAM school is a unique challenge that requires hard work and dedication. We are sending you this list to help you as you prepare to come. You can do it!

Lecture Phase

  • Clothing appropriate for current seasonal weather in Switzerland
  • Sports clothing/shoes
  • Bath towel/washcloth
  • Flip flops/shower shoes
  • One or two dressy outfits
  • Personal medical supplies (band aids, pain medication, bug spray, sunscreen, etc)
  • Your musical instrument(s) if you play
  • Passport and health insurance card/policy information (for Europeans)
  • Immunization records (if you have them)
  • Multiple ID photos for visa/student card purposes
  • Bible
  • A snack to share from your nation (optional)

*Bedding is supplied during your time in Lausanne, so you won’t need to bring a pillow or bedsheets with you.

**You will be sharing a bedroom with 3-7 other roommates with limited storage space, so keep this in mind as well while you pack! J

Outreach Phase (if applicable)

  • Sleeping bag
  • *Hiking backpack
  • *Bed roll (can also be bought in Switzerland if necessary for outreach)
  • *Travel pillow/travel towel
  • Swimwear
  • Personal medical supplies (band aids, pain medication, bug spray, sunscreen, etc)
  • Women: modest clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty (please include loose fitting tops and pants, as well as long skirts (below the knee, or ankle length if possible for some locations)
  • Men: clothing you wouldn’t mind getting dirty (including one or two nice outfits and shoes for church)

*Not absolutely necessary, but helpful in many outreach locations if you have these.

BCC Packing List

Here are some guidelines to follow when packing to come for the BCC. Please keep in mind that storage space is limited both in Lausanne and on the road, so pack lightly.


  • Appropriate seasonal clothing for Switzerland, from August to November and also from April to June  (layering is advised)
  • At least one dressy outfit for church/special events
  • Bath towel/washcloth
  • Personal medications/first aid supplies
  • Journal for personal reflection (optional)
  • Bible in your mother tongue (English Standard Version (ESV) Bible will be provided as a part of the school fee for study purposes) and Korean Bible for Korean students.
  • Colored pencils/highlighters to be used for marking Bible passages
  • Laptop


  • Portable suitcase (An actual suitcase is recommended rather than a hiking backpack)
  • Day backpack
  • Sleeping bag and travel pillow
  • Travel towel/washcloth (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Personal medications/first aid supplies including sunscreen and bug spray
  • Swimwear
  • Good walking shoes and flip flops
  • Active clothing that can get dirty
  • Camera/videocamera/etc(if you want)
Visa Registration

Swiss student visas are required for all international students joining a program that is longer than 90 days. Students carrying passports from New Zealand, Singapore, Japan or an EU nation are able to apply for student visas after arriving in Switzerland.

When your visa is approved you will be issued with an entry visa. When you arrive in Switzerland you will need to register your visa. It costs approx 170 CHF to register your student visa here (you can pay with credit card)

Health Insurance

In accordance to the Swiss Federal Law on health insurance, every one in Switzerland needs to be insured. You will be required to pay 86 CHF/month to cover this agreement. For further information please read this (web page link)


Please bring 2-3 passport sized photos with you. These are required when registering your student visa in Switzerland, and when applying for a visa to join an outreach in another country.

When you enter Switzerland, it is important you bring the acceptance letter you received from us.

As you pack your passport, please bring a photocopy of your passport too (just in case you lose your passport while away from home).

Agreement to Come

Partnership Agreement

Before your application can be finalized, it is important you have read and agreed to the following partnership agreements.

Community Living Standards

Here is more information about the community living standards.

Payment and Refund Policy

Here is more information about the financial policy for your school fees.

Health Insurance Agreement

You agreed to be registered with SwissCare before you arrive, and have to pay the monthly cost of health insurance. Here is more information about your health insurance.

More Information

Preparing to Come!

Here is all the information that you need to prepare before you come.

Campus Life

Discover how we live, worship and celebrate together in the community.

Campus Tour

Explore our campus!

From GVA Airport to Lausanne

This video will show you how to meet YWAM staff at the Geneva (GVA) airport and how to take the train to Lausanne.

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