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About our Ministries

We are committed to seeing God transform our city. Incredibly enough, Lausanne is a land with visitors and residents from all over the world. We have the great privilege of being able to serve the nations from our very own backyard. Check out how we do this through our local ministries.

What we’re doing


Communication and technology are essential for sharing vision and making visions become reality. Our communication and IT teams have fun while creatively working together to connect what is going on in our community, ministries, and the nations with the world. Their work invites people to partner in prayer or come join us in person. Thanks to this team, you are able to enjoy this website.

Operations and Food Services

“Food is home.” Our food service team wants to make our students, staff, and visitors feel at home and invite them to the tastes of their home and around the world. Missionaries get the privilege of embracing all aspects of culture, including food, and this is a great place to start. The menu is designed by the collaboration of years of cooks bringing their beloved recipes from many nations. The team aims to have delicious and nutritious food to fuel people to serve.

Maintenance and Gardening

Thanks to this team, our YWAM Lausanne community enjoys functioning light systems, fueled vehicles, mowed lawns, salted driveways, stocked toilet paper, beautiful flower arrangements, and more. This is a hands-on team is one passionate about blessing God and people through their skills and service.


The heart of hospitality is showing the love of Christ through making people feel loved and at home. From lovely flower arrangements to decorations and a lovely swiss chocolate next to a coffee, our hospitality is dedicated to manifesting prayerful services to welcome staff, students, and guests.

Community Life

We love to see people grow together as a family every quarter. From scheduling events like Swiss night, to community meetings, to mountain trips, community life has a heart for making the live-learn value of YWAM a reality quarter to quarter.


We are so blessed to have a team passionate for Jesus and so skilled for excellence in detail. Our administration team is dedicated to facilitating the legal and financial operations in our ministries.

Café Des Alpes

Our Café Des Alpes ministry is birth from over a decade of prayer. This team is dedicated to making delicious drinks and building relationship. From prayerfully designing our café to be a welcoming place to have conversation and be inspired to taking time to listen and pray for each other, this is a growing ministry that has blessed many.

Student/Staff Services

Our student and staff service teams delight to represent YWAM Lausanne and facilitate the needs of the base. Our receptionists provide great services from mailing, receiving telephone inquiries, lost and found, change making, to selling shirts, books, and postcards. Our Admissions team often refers to themselves as “admissionaries.” At the forefront of inviting workers to come work the mission field, they are dedicated to praying alongside those considering God’s call for them.

Prayer and Intercession

YWAM Lausanne is a house of prayer for the nations. We are dedicated to seeking God’s heart for each individual, community, and nation. Prayer is powerful, and we prioritize setting apart times and spaces to pray. Each quarter, our community orchestrates and engages in prayer days and weekly intercession in classes and small groups. God has inspired and moved powerful through various forms of intercession from praying over maps, praying through creating with paint, clay, or dance, to praying over land we walk on in the city, and more.

Sprint Record System

Every year, YWAM Lausanne hosts a sprint for a complicated record system. Every student completing schools all over the world is kept and organized.


We are a community dedicated to putting God first through regular and creative worship. Starting on Monday morning as a community, we take time to celebrate who God is and seek Him together. Our Worship teams are passionate about hearing from the Lord, praising Him in our community as well as bringing worship to the streets so that His presence can cover the city, nations and nations. We have had the joy of seeing diversity of languages, talents, and rhythms; This is a small taste of what heaven will be with all the nations, tribes and tongues worshiping the Lord.

Short Term Missions

Our short-term mission trips unite volunteers from a variety of backgrounds with myriad of skill sets for the purpose of sharing the Gospel. This can take many forms, like leading a sewing class for refugees, distributing Bibles during a music festival, or sharing your testimony at a local church.

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