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Live, worship, and celebrate in community.

How We live

Sometimes the most important life lessons happen outside the classroom. Maybe they come through conversations held around the flickering light of a bonfire or through the way God speaks within a community-wide worship time.

When you come to YWAM Lausanne, you step inside a close-knit community that worships, plays, and lives together. Our God is relational, and we seek to grow closer to and honor Him in our relationships. Discover some of the ways we foster community within the rhythm of our lives.

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Weekly Schedule

Intentionally seeking God together as one family

Local Outreach

Local Outreach

We care about the people in the city of Lausanne. Every Wednesday afternoon we go downtown and share God's love with them—through conversations, worship, and other creative expressions. We are a part of this larger community and want God's best for Lausanne.



Thursday mornings we seek God on how we can pray for different regions or people groups in the world. We believe prayer changes things and that this weekly intercession meeting is a vital part of our Christian life.

Community Meetings

Community Meetings

Worship with our community and listen to a message from one of the many anointed speakers that come through our base. Join us afterward for a time of dessert and fellowship. Community meetings are open to the public and usually held on Thursday evenings (summer hours are different).



Start off the week in the best way possible—worshiping God in a room full of other believers. Monday mornings we gather as a community to praise our Creator and Savior.

Seasonal events

Prepare for a good time in these quarterly base events.

Swiss Night

Experience the Swiss culture in this event meant to familiarize you with the nation where you now live. Smell the freshly baked Zopf bread, savor smooth Swiss chocolate, and try your hand at traditional games. We also take time to learn about the Christian heritage of Switzerland and how God has worked in this country.

Mountain/city trip

Explore more of Switzerland, traveling next to pristine forests and mountain ranges. Or stroll the streets of the some of this nation’s historic cities. Every season we like to offer a short trip so that students and staff can experience firsthand the beauty of the nation in which they serve and study.

Café Night

An evening to display little-known talents, munch tasty treats, and dress according to a theme, Café Night is a talent show that brings the whole base together. So brush up on your juggling or compose some spoken word for what is always an entertaining event.

Other fun things to do

Check out what’s going on around the base.


There are many options to play sports and to stay fit. Most weeks we head to the field for a friendly game of soccer. People also like to organize games of frisbee or challenge their classmates to a match of table tennis or foosball. In the winter there are opportunities to ski or snowboard in the Alps and on those warm summer nights there is swimming at the lake or perhaps a game of volleyball.


One of our favorite ways to spend a Friday night is huddled around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows or bread wrapped around a stick. Under the stars, we sing worship songs or just hangout and talk. There are places to have bonfires in the forest next to the base and also on our property.


A great way to explore the Swiss countryside is by bicycle. So hit the trails in the forest next to the base, or take an afternoon and bike around Lake Geneva. We have a number of bicycles available for staff and students to check out after passing a simple test.

Forest Walks

Right next to the base is a expansive forest, interlaced with hiking and biking trails. The forest is a great place for a quiet time with God or an afternoon stroll. The trails vary in length and some of them also have exercise stations scattered along the path.

Movie/Game Nights

Our community life team often organizes a movie or game night on the weekends. After a full week of work and study, these evenings give us a chance to relax and enjoy one another’s company.

Café des Alps

The café is a great place to grab a cappuccino as you study or chat with a friend. It is one of the favorite hangouts on the base and serves coffee and tea as well as other snacks and food. Enjoy a warm, chocolate-filled croissant as you pour over the pages of your Bible or play a game in the café.

Want to train with us?

Come and do a DTS with us or further your training with our secondary schools.

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