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About UofN

A university designed to fulfill The Great Commission.

What is the UofN?

Created within YWAM, the University of the Nations (UofN) is a global university dedicated to equipping students with the professional skills necessary to serve and reach the world for Christ. The goal of the university is to teach students how to apply biblical truth practically, and to fulfill the great commission – “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19).


It all starts with a DTS

Since the UofN is part of YWAM, it too has the same requirement of DTS training before classes may be taken. Once a DTS program is completed, students may enroll for classes at any of the hundreds of YWAM locations that host UofN courses. These courses are available in more than 200 fields of interest in 110 nations and in 50 languages in areas such as the Arts, Christian Ministries, Communications, Counseling & Health Care, Education, Humanities & International Studies, and Science & Technology.

Combining courses and missions

The UofN has a unique modular educational system that allows them to combine traditional classroom learning with a discipleship atmosphere. Students concentrate on one in-depth course lasting 12 weeks which is often followed by an eight to twelve week field assignment so the students can put into practice what they have learned. Since the goal of the university is to fulfill the great commission, it is not necessary to complete a degree. Instead, the UofN offers university level courses and practical training that is relevant to each student’s calling. Due to this design, there is no time limit or a required completion date. Students are greatly encouraged to work in the mission field between courses to better apply their education and gain missionary experience. To learn more about the UofN, check out their web page.

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