AA Degree Track in Community Development

Training Overview

Community development AA degree will help students develop a Biblical Christian worldview and gain development principles and practices. This degree will provide training in a biblical approach to community transformation in all sphere of society, beginning with the growth of the individual and one’s relationship with God. They will be able to apply and integrate biblical worldview first with themselves, then into many spheres of society with the intention to move people groups toward God’s original plan for society.

The principles and practices that will be learned are designed to bring change in various settings, from rural to urban, and from slums to refugee camps in this globalized world. Students will learn how to facilitate well rounded and holistic growth in targeted communities and nations. The degree will equip students with skills to help communities initiate and accomplish strategic activities that bring life and growth towards God’s purposes in His kingdom on earth, leading to radical transformation. Those who pursue an AA degree in Community Development will discover God’s intention for community and be engaged in bringing transformation to society.

“Arise, Jerusalem! Let your light shine for all to see. For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you.”

Isaiah 60:1

The goal of the U of N’s degree programs is to glorify God and to influence the different spheres of society. Here at YWAM Lausanne, we offer various degree tracks including Community Development, Event Management, Biblical Studies, and Leadership. YWAM Lausanne is a close-knit and culturally diverse community, students will be championed and closely discipled as they are strengthened in their giftings and abilities.

These degrees are a long-term commitment for students to use their God-given gifts and abilities and acquire the skills and discipline required to unlock their potential. Students in each module of degrees are trained not only in practical skill and knowledge but also in godly character, commitment, biblical truth, tenacity, and humility.

Our graduates will be able to use their skills here “on earth as it is in heaven” and will have the joy of the Lord, discipline, and integrity, to not only draw people to God but also to influence society. They will be able to use their developed skills to show the world light and hope into dark places. Students get to focus on the skill of their choice, and also have the opportunity to travel to other cultures and share life together with them.

Degree Track*

Quarter Length Courses Credits
5 – 6 months

Discipleship Training School (Prerequisite)

20 – 24
April 2019 3 months

Community Development School

July 2019 2 – 3 months

Community Development Outreach

9 – 12
October 2019 3 months

Ministry Leadership Development

1 month


January 2020 3 months

Ministry Leadership Development Internship

April 2020 3 months

Bible Core Course

July 2020 3 months

Foundations for Counseling Ministry

18 – 24 months

Total Credits

86 – 93

*possible dates for the degree track.

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