C&C Seminar

Create and Communicate Seminar

Sharpen your skills to communicate and engage with the world through videography and visual storytelling.

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  • Dates

    28 Feb. - 4 Mar. 2022

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    450 CHF

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What is C&C?

Learn how to use video as a powerful communication tool

Create & Communicate is a week-long intensive in-person media seminar. The seminar will equip you with the skills and understanding to fully leverage video production as a tool for communication. Hear from experts in the areas of communication strategy, social media advertising, Youtube, Tik Tok, and visual storytelling. You will walk away not only with the technical skills to create powerful and moving video projects, but the understanding of how to fully integrate them into a communication strategy.



Inspiring Teachings

Our God is a communicator and the source of all creativity. As creators and communicators, we reflect these core elements of Him to the rest of the world. Throughout the seminar, we will dive deep into these topics. Be refreshed and recharged by spending a week in beautiful Switzerland with creatives from around the world taking in these life-changing teachings.


Seminar Topics

What is Covered?

  • God the Communicator
  • Video Camera Skills
  • Branding God in the 21st Century
  • Core Video Editing Skills
  • How to Build a Communication Strategy
  • Matching Content to Format
  • Vertical Video 101
  • and so Much More!

Speaker Bios

Hear from the Experts

A bit about some of our speakers:

Joseph Avakian

Artist, creator, thinker, educator, mentor, traveler, tester, missionary, out-of-the-box, and dreamer are just a few of the many words that can be used to describe Joseph. As a life-long creative and educator, he has traveled the world inspiring and mentoring others to hone their creative giftings. Joseph is married and currently resides with his family in Berlin.

Jukka Veltheim

Jukka is a former professional football player from Finland. For nearly a decade he has been deeply involved in a dynamic YWAM communications team. Constantly looking for new mediums, formats, and ideas, he embodies the constant innovation required to be a successful communicator in today's world.

Ben Stone

A multifaceted individual, Ben embodies the iconic phrase ‘Jack of all trades.’ He has over a decade of experience in the world of digital communication. Ben has worked extensively in videography, journalism, writing, story-telling, and photography. He runs a successful youtube channel where he experiments with viewer engagement and the trends that shape the online sphere.



Where the Rubber Meets the Road

All throughout the week, we have hands-on workshops designed to solidify and expand your skills. These will cover camera skills, editing projects, and communication strategy. By the end of the week, you will walk away having created a short social media ad and your own customized communication strategy.

Beyond the Seminar

Beyond the Seminar

Stay Connected

The seminar is by no means the end! Afterward, you can stay connected by joining Create & Communicate follow-up zoom sessions and resource site. Stay connected to a community of creators from around the world. Share inspirations, ask questions, and interact more with speakers. We are here to support you in furthering the kingdom through communications.

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